Stepping into Leadership: CDO Lifestyle as the Newly Elected President of CDO Bloggers

2024 CDO Bloggers Network Officers 

With immense gratitude and a heart full of appreciation, I am thrilled to share the exciting news that I have been elected as the new President of CDO Bloggers, the premier organization of preeminent bloggers, influencers, and content creators in Cagayan de Oro. This achievement is not only a personal milestone but a collective success that underscores the strength and unity within our vibrant blogging community. I am honored to embark on this journey alongside an incredible group of individuals who share a passion for using their words to inspire, inform, and make a difference.

To the members of CDO Bloggers, I extend my deepest thanks for your trust and confidence in me. Your support means the world, and I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to lead such a talented and passionate group. Together, we will continue to foster meaningful collaborations, amplify our voices, and contribute to the growth of our community.

I want to emphasize that this presidency is not mine alone—it is a shared responsibility that I undertake with each and every one of you by my side. Together, we will navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and create a positive impact within and beyond the blogging sphere. The unity of our community will be our greatest strength as we work towards common goals and aspirations.

2024 CDO Bloggers President, Karen Chayne Sanchez of CDO Lifestyle 

As we look ahead, let’s envision a year filled with growth, teamwork, support, camaraderie, collaboration, and opportunities for personal and collective development. The power of our collective voices will be a force to be reckoned with, and I am confident that together, we can achieve remarkable things.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has played a role in bringing me to this position. Your encouragement, guidance, and belief in our collective potential have been instrumental. This incredible opportunity to lead CDO Bloggers is not taken lightly, and I am committed to serving with dedication and passion.

Here’s to a year of growth, togetherness, and accomplishment. Let’s embark on this journey as one, united in purpose and driven by our shared love for blogging. I am excited to write the next chapter of CDO Bloggers alongside each of you, making it a story of success, creativity, and lasting friendships.

I raise a toast to our shared success! May the coming year be filled with memorable moments, meaningful connections, and a plethora of achievements. Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading CDO Bloggers. Let’s make this journey a remarkable one, and together, let’s make our mark in the blogging world. Cheers! 

I would like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the following sponsors who generously shared with us our food, venue and raffle prizes for this event:

Ribs & BibsSM CDO DowntownCebu Pacific AirLimketkai Luxe Hotel , 2GO TravelSeda Centrio, Cagayan de OroSmart Communications, Inc.Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort,Dahilayan Adventure ParkDahilayan Alpine Village,Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co., Inc. (CEPALCO)Dunkin’ PH – Cagayan de Oro,Candy’s Café,Thai Me UpNMPSTA Shooting Range CdOItalpinas Development Corporation,Metro Cagayan de Oro,Mommy RubyMommy Dharlz &  Ladysoda.

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