PhilHealth Enhanced New Benefits for 2024

On February 28, the CDO Bloggers had the privilege to attend the PhilHealth NorthMin Region Kamustahan. Among the highlights of the event was an insightful session led by Sir Delio Aseron II, the Regional Vice President of PhilHealth Region X. 

During this session, attendees were briefed on the PhilHealth Enhanced New Benefits for the year 2024.

1. Institutionalization of 156 Hemodialysis sessions: One of the key enhancements introduced is the institutionalization of 156 hemodialysis sessions. This initiative aims to provide sustained support for individuals requiring renal care, ensuring access to critical treatment sessions.

2. Case rates for Acute Stroke: PhilHealth has introduced case rates for acute stroke, catering to both Ischemic and Hemorrhagic strokes. The case rates are set at ₱76,000 for Ischemic Stroke and ₱80,000 for Hemorrhagic Stroke. This development is significant in providing financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment for stroke, a condition that requires immediate medical attention.

3. Pneumonia High Risk: Another notable addition to the benefits package is the inclusion of Pneumonia High Risk coverage, amounting to ₱90,100. This provision underscores PhilHealth’s commitment to addressing critical healthcare needs, particularly in the realm of respiratory illnesses.

4. Enhancement of Z Benefit Package for selected Orthopedic Implants and Colorectal Cancer: PhilHealth has bolstered its Z Benefit Package, extending support to cover selected orthopedic implants and colorectal cancer treatments. This enhancement is poised to alleviate the financial burden associated with these specialized medical interventions, ensuring accessibility and affordability for patients in need.

5. Outpatient Benefits Package for Mental Health: Recognizing the importance of mental health care, PhilHealth has introduced an Outpatient Benefits Package for Mental Health. This initiative signifies a crucial step forward in destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting holistic well-being by facilitating access to outpatient mental health services.

The PhilHealth Enhanced New Benefits for 2024 mark a significant milestone in advancing healthcare accessibility and affordability in the Philippines.

From critical treatments for conditions like stroke and pneumonia to specialized coverage for orthopedic implants and mental health services, these enhancements reflect PhilHealth’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of every Filipino.

with PhilHealth NorthMin Region Vice-President, Delio Aseron II, CDO Bloggers President, Karen Sanchez, and Public Affairs Unit Head, Merlyn Ybañez

As we navigate the complexities of healthcare, initiatives like these underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in building a healthier, more resilient nation.


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