Exploring the Rich Culture and Exciting Adventures Across the Philippines at the 2nd Mindanao Tourism Expo

The 2nd Mindanao Tourism Expo, held from April 26 to April 28, 2024, at the Limketkai Atrium in Cagayan de Oro City, was a vibrant celebration of the cultural diversity and adventurous spirit of the Philippines. Organized by the Department of Tourism – Northern Mindanao Office, this event showcased the boundless opportunities for exploration in Mindanao and beyond, under the theme “Limitless Adventures in Mindanao.”

The expo was inaugurated by Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, who highlighted the breathtaking beauty of Mindanao’s landscapes and the richness of its cultural heritage.

Joined by Mayor Rolando A. UY of Cagayan de Oro City and Governor Peter “Sr. Pedro” Unabia, discussions centered on the significant role of tourism in driving economic growth and promoting sustainable development.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a diverse array of experiences that encapsulated the essence of Mindanao. From traditional performances to culinary delights, the expo was a feast for the senses, showcasing the region’s unique cultural identity.

In addition to cultural showcases, the expo offered visitors the opportunity to explore exciting travel opportunities across the Philippines. With exclusive discounts on travel packages, hotels, and resort passes, attendees were encouraged to embark on their own adventures and discover the hidden gems of Mindanao and beyond.


As the expo came to a close, the spirit of adventure and exploration lingered in the air, serving as a reminder of the endless possibilities that await those who dare to explore the Philippines. With each journey embarked upon, new memories were created, and new connections forged, enriching the lives of all who participated.

As we bid farewell to the 2nd Mindanao Tourism Expo, one thing remains clear – there’s so much more to discover about Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines. So, let us continue to embrace the spirit of adventure and uncover the treasures that await in this beautiful archipelago.

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