Experience Barangay Carmen's Vibrant Cultural Celebration: Dinogan Festival 2024


Embark on an enchanting journey through the captivating fiesta activities at the Dinogan Festival 2024!

This year’s festival promises to be a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of Barangay Carmen’s rich culture and community spirit.

Here’s a look at some of the exciting events lined up:

Highlights of the Events:

Academy Night

Kick off the festival with Academy Night where an impressive array of talent and creativity was showcased as schools competed in an exciting dance contest.

With performances ranging from 90’s nostalgia to enchanting Disney themes, students and teachers lit up the ground floor, creating a memorable evening for everyone.

Battle of the Bands

Feel the adrenaline as local bands compete in an epic Battle of the Bands. Get ready for electrifying performances that showcase the musical prowess and unique styles of our talented musicians.

Dinogan Festival 2024 1st Motor Show

Motor enthusiasts, rejoice! The first-ever Dinogan Festival Motor Show will feature an impressive array of vehicles, from sleek sports cars to vintage classics. This event is a must-see for anyone who appreciates automotive excellence.

Eco-Warrior Dance Fitness Competition and Clean & Green Garden Contest

Celebrate health, fitness, and environmental sustainability with the Eco-Warrior Dance Fitness Competition. Watch participants as they dance their way to victory, promoting fitness and fun. Complementing this event is the Clean & Green Garden Contest, which showcases the community’s commitment to maintaining beautiful and eco-friendly gardens.


Dinogan Festival Drag Queen Competition

Prepare to be dazzled by the glamour and talent at the Dinogan Festival Drag Queen Competition. This event promises to be a night of fabulous performances, where contestants will showcase their creativity and charisma in a bid to be crowned the ultimate drag queen.

Dinogan Festival King & Queen

Who will take the crown as the King and Queen of the Dinogan Festival? Join us for an elegant evening where contestants display their charm, talent, and grace, vying for these prestigious titles.

Dinogan Festival Civic Parade

Experience the unity and pride of Barangay Carmen in the Civic Parade. Watch as local organizations, schools, and community groups come together in a vibrant procession that highlights the spirit of togetherness and community pride.

Dinogan Festival Street Dancing Competition

The streets will come alive with the energy and rhythm of the Dinogan Festival Street Dancing Competition. Dance groups from across the area will showcase their talents in a dynamic and colorful competition that promises to captivate audiences.

Dayon Kamo Higala! Tara na makig-uban sa Carmenanons Fiesta Celebration!

Come and join the Dinogan Festival 2024 and be part of the heart and soul of Barangay Carmen’s cultural celebration.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy a festival filled with music, dance, and a strong sense of community.

This event was made possible by Barangay Captain, Joaquin “Kikang” Uy. 


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